The artist-duo EX+ consisting of musician and writer Nils Schumacher and paintress Iris Schmitt was founded in autumn 2011. Before it the two were part of EXPORT, a group of five artists in Hanover whose idea it was to produce large-sized paintings with five people working together at the same time.


The name refers on one hand to the former group. On the other the plus sign is a slight hint that the duo still sticks to the original idea in that they invite other people into their studio in the backyard of the former "Galeria Lunar" in order to create a painting together. Always in the size of 1,50 x 1,20 meters but with different results.


Beyond that the two work and experiment as performers in the public space, as a  garage/bluespunk-band and as individual artists in their studio in the multicultural part Hanover - Linden, working with the most different kinds of media, their interferences and border zones - paintings, collages, drawings, sculptures, photographies, literature and music.